GENOMETRY, INC is a platform-technology company founded by a multidisciplinary team of genome scientists to commercialize a revolutionary genome-wide high-throughput low-cost gene-expression profiling method (L1000) for next-generation pharmaceutical discovery applications.

L1000™ Expression Profiling produces high-dimensional gene-expression profiles from crude cell lysates in 384-well plate format at a rate of thousands a day, and at only a fraction of the cost of conventional methods. This enables the use of expression profiling at a scale never before possible.

GENOMETRY is the sole provider of commercial gene-expression profiling services using L1000. We offer data-generation and primary analysis solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, non-profit organizations, and academic researchers from a dedicated facility in Kendall Square, Cambridge MA, for large-scale or rapid-turnaround applications including small-molecule screening; hit, allele, and library characterization and de-duplication; and MOA and SAR elucidation.

GENOMETRY is also pioneering a digital open innovation™ platform in partnership with pharmaceutical companies, synthesis shops, library vendors, and other owners of proprietary chemistry. By coupling our unique library-digitization capability with a Google-like search engine, GENOMETRY engages the global biomedical-research community in the drug-discovery enterprise. Individual researchers find potential chemical solutions for their chosen biological problems, and professional drug-development partners. And the owners of those compounds find new uses for existing chemical assets, and committed domain-expert collaborators to help prosecute those projects. A world’s worth of unmet medical needs and a wealth of unexploited drug-like chemistry are thus brought together in GENOMETRY’s crowd-sourced drug discovery™ solution.